Switch on 2

“Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch”

Shines Class Duration : 60 min (incl. warming-up)
This class is for dancers who have experience with dancing salsa on1 timing and want to make the transition to salsa on 2 timing. Here our main focus is explaining on 2 timing using the rhythms of the conga during the class.
Switch the steps from salsa on1 to salsa on2 timing
Explaining the conga rhythms
Armwork/ turns & techniques

Partnering Class Duration : 60 min
In this class we will transition all the basic patterns from on 1 timing to on2 timing. We also focus on leading and following and spinning techniques. The main focus will be on making the switch and connecting with your partner.
Switch basic patterns from salsa on1 to salsa on2 timing
Connection/ Leading & following
Spinning techniques