all classes are given in salsa on2 timing


Our name is derived from a latin expression “Ars Vivendi” which means “the art of living”.

For us dance is life, therefore the art of living connects to the art of dance.

We choose to be a collective because it enables us to collaborate with different artforms.

Miguel & Rianne met in the spring of 2014 in the Amsterdam salsa dance scene.  They were introduced by a mutual friend. They noticed immediately that they have the same vision of dance in general, and of choreographing shows, so they hit the dance studio and started making their first show.

Miguel & Rianne are known for the different styles that they implement in their shows through their  cultural and personal backgrounds. In addition, they are also known for their various choreos, musicality, charisma and playfulness.

They place great value on personality and individuality and this always plays a huge role in their classes, workshops and performances.

No, Vivendi DC also gives workshops, bootcamps and shows available for commercial and private sector

1 hour subscription – €44,- per month ( monthly terminable)

2 hour subscription – € 74,- per month ( monthly terminable)

Single class 2 hours – €25,-

Single class 1 hour – €15,-

8X Punchcard – €100,-

Private Class – Send us a message and specify what kind of private class u are looking for and for how many people. We will send you a customized price after.

Yes they do! Check out their facebook to be up to date. Every month we have our own plug&play salsa social! 



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