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Miguel & Rianne met in the spring of 2014 in the Amsterdam salsa dance scene.  They were introduced by a mutual friend. They noticed immediately that they have the same vision of dance in general, and of choreographing shows, so they hit the dance studio and started making their first show.

Miguel & Rianne are known for the different styles that they implement in their shows through their  cultural and personal backgrounds. In addition, they are also known for their various choreos, musicality, charisma and playfulness. 

Vivendi Dance Collective was founded in januari 2017, and in June 2017 they started teaching their first classes in Amsterdam ZO. 

They place great value on personality and individuality and this always plays a huge role in their classes, workshops and performances.



"Miguel discovered Latin dance at the age of 18. At the urging of his mother, he took his first salsa class and was immediately intrigued by the rhythms and percussion in the Afro-latin/ Caribbean music.

Miguel was eager to learn as much as possible about this art form. By taking workshops, classes and dancing social almost every day of the week. He dedicated a lot of time and energy searching for important essentials of Afro Latin dance.

On his journey the attraction towards salsa on2 became stronger, because it has a great range of expressions and interpretations which he used to develop his own style. During this period he was asked to teach classes for multiple salsa dance schools in the Netherlands. From this point on his passion for sharing knowledge grew enormously.

Playing and understanding the instruments within the Afro-latin/ Caribbean music has always been a dream and is gradually becoming reality. He has started playing various instruments including the conga.

What he likes the most about salsa is when the interpretation of music, the expression through dance and the connection with your partner comes together at the same time."



Rianne started taking streetdance classes when she was 17 years old. After a year her streetdance teacher asked her to sub his classes... 20 years later she is still teaching!


To develop as a teacher she started "MBO Dans" back in 2001. When she graduated she felt the need to develop even more as a dancer and teacher so she auditioned for "Lucia Marthas, school of performing arts". She got accepted and graduated in 2008 as a professional dancer and dance teacher.

After finishing school she worked as a freelancer, mainly in the commercial field. Performing and teaching styles like hip hop, female hip hop, contemporary and jazz.

She started to dance salsa in 2011 because of her love for different dance styles and was immediately hooked for life!

The thing that makes her love salsa so much is the "being in the moment" part when dancing social and creating your own style.

What intrigues her the most about this, is that it's a process that never stops.

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